My Favorite VeggieTales Video

This is a hard call for me– what’s my favorite VeggieTales Video. I will split it up into categories and then choose my overall favorite!

As far as story line goes, I believe I would have to choose An Easter Carol simply because it tells the story of Jesus– and there are a lot of great things about it. The story line that emphasizes that Christ’s story begins at Christmas, comes to the cross, but doesn’t end there has to be my pick for best story.

Silly Song
The best silly song I also tackled this week with the Belly Button song. This song has kept me laughing far beyond the others.

Modern Spoof
Although the Larry Boy series is pretty funny, I have to say that my favorite modern spoof has to be VeggieTales: Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Samson’s Hairbrush. This one is definitely hilarious with all of the Indiana Jones tie-ins.

Bible Story
Probably has to be VeggieTales: Duke and the Pie War with having both a story about Moses as a baby and the retelling of the story of Ruth as in the midevil time period.

Over All Favorite
Drum Roll Please…
VeggieTales: Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Samson’s Hairbrush. The beginning story of Junior in Bully Trouble (with all the cute previous VeggieTales tie ins), the Pizza Angel Song (my number two Silly Song favorite) and my favorite spoof ranks number one in my favorite VeggieTales Video of all time.

What’s yours and why?

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4 thoughts on “My Favorite VeggieTales Video

  1. We are behind the times! I read off these faves of yours to my oldest and she hadn’t seen any of them! Guess we need to get with the program.
    Her favorite is “Josh and the Big Wall, because it’s the funniest!”

  2. Josh and the Big Wall certainly does have the funny moment when Jimmy wants to blow apart the wall with a rocket. It’s also the only VeggieTales episode where Junior and Bob run the show, and Bob has them “use their imagination” to get into the story.

    In any case, while care has to be taken with the newer VeggieTales in the aspect of some music styles, there is some good content there as well.

  3. Since you brought that up, was the Big Idea really sold to another company after going bankrupt? We heard it was, and that the newer company wasn’t going to be as “Biblically” oriented. That’s why we kind of dropped off the Veggie Tale scene.
    I’m very curious!

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