VeggieTales Sing Alongs: Dance of the Cucumber


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Summary: (From DVD Cover)

These super silly songs are sure to bring out smiles!  Join Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber and the rest of the VeggieTales crew in this all-new collection of favorite sing-along songs that the whole family is sure to enjoy!


This DVD tries to take advantage of the fact that it’s a pain to go to each DVD to find a silly song that you like, or to hear multiples, and tries to incorporate newer, more popular silly songs that would not be on the older collection while putting the words on the bottom in sing along fashion like they have in the special features of the regularly released DVD.

There are 10 in this collection, including some of the more popular ones:


The Dance of the Cucumber The Forgiveness Song The Water Buffalo Song
Sport Utility Vehicle Pizza Angel I Can Be Your Friend
I Want to Dance The Hairbrush Song Larry’s High Silk Hat
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