What I Learned from Moe and the Big Exit

You would think that with the amount of time that I’ve spent being a Christian that I would know all of the Bible stories many different ways– ok, you all know better than that!  Like tonight, for some reason I thought that Matthew’s other name was “Thaddeus.”

So, it should come as no surprise to you that I could learn something from a VeggieTales episode.  Three things from this latest one, Moe and the Big Exit.


God Has a Plan

The first I got directly from the video itself– that God has a plan.  What’s His plan?  To have us give Him glory.  He accomplishes this best when we obey His Word and let Him do the rest.  In the story of Moses, VeggieTales emphasized that God had a specific set of things that He wanted Moses and Aaron to do, and He was in charge of getting the people out– through the miracles and signs that He would do.


Moses’ Plan

Which got me to thinking about Moses.  Certainly Moses knew that he was a Jew– I mean, he killed an Egyptian because he was taunting a Jew.  So, could it be that Moses thought all along about a plan to save his people?  Perhaps it was something like “Someday I’m going to be a Pharaoh and I will make my people the best in Egypt.”

Since God had a different and better plan– to take His people out of that land and to the land that was promised– He had to get Moses out of Egypt, teach him dependence, and then proceeded to do what He had always planned.


It Doesn’t Matter How Many Miracles

Lastly, it doesn’t matter how many miracles or signs a person sees– if they didn’t believe and have hardened their hearts, they never will believe.  Look at Pharaoh.  He saw some pretty amazing things happen– bigger every time.  Yet it wasn’t until his son died that he let the people go.  Even then he came after them!

A lot of atheists and people out there that question God’s existence like to talk about what they would do if they saw a sign– and yet every day there are lives changed, there are things that happen, the world is still around (!) and yet they refuse to believe.  I think that if something miraculous were to happen, they would be just like Pharaoh– try to find some scientific explanation.


What have you learned or saw differently this week?

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