Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Us Fruits and Vegetables don’t get out much.  But when we do, we love to go hiking– whether it’s the Rocky Mountains, the Appalachian Trail, or just trying to get to school through the snow, uphill both ways– we really love the outdoors.

That’s why we really like Rocky Mountain Trail, especially the Columbia jackets that you can buy there.  You’ll see Larry with one of these as he plays Ear-a-corn and is climbing up the mountains of Much-snowia on Lord of the Beans.  He’s able to keep warm regardless of the weather.

Me, I’m more of a warm weather fruit.  I like to get out in the spring or fall and walk through the woods.  Of course, you have to watch out for critters and stuff like that, but I prefer that to summer, where if I stay out too long I begin to look like a prune.

For those times, Rocky Mountain Trail has all sorts of hiking backpacks and sunglasses, because unlike Pa Grape and Mr. Lunt I do have eyes– or at least I think I do.  They won’t let me look in a mirror.

My wife, the gorgeous Penny Peach, likes to go camping.  I usually think that someone’s going to come over and eat me if I stay out too long, but she thinks we’re pretty safe because we both have a pretty tough core.  She likes the different kinds of tents that you can find at Rocky Mountain Trail.

So, what are you waiting for?  If you like the outdoors, check them out.  And tell them that you were sent by a Plum and a Peach– I’m sure they’ll totally understand.

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