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One of the neat things that I read in Phil Vischer’s book (Me, Myself and Bob) was that it covered his story from when he was a child up.  And one of the things that you notice early on is his crazy sense of humor that he spent a lot of time tinkering and thinking through his ideas before there ever was the technology to animate Bob and Larry.

For me, I liked to pretend I had a radio show.  So, for hours on end I would sit in my room with my neighbor (sometimes) and we would use two tape recorders to record ourselves introducing songs and then play the songs!

The great thing about modern technology is that anyone that wants to spend the time can be making DVDs from their home computer, and those DVDs can capture all sorts of things that we could not do just a generation ago.

The only problem is that you need somewhere to store all these things.  In my day, it was really cheap tapes.  Now you need media, and whether it’s DVD cases, DVDs or CDs, they’re more expensive and you need the right kinds of material.

Supermediastore.com is a major reseller and wholesaler of everything from black CD/DVD media to computer hardware, memory and ink and toner cartridges– so you may want to check them out.

The important thing is to encourage their curiosity and ingenuity– for you never know what they may come up with next!

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