What I Learned from Duke and the Pie War

Duke and the Pie war is the second story on the VeggieTales – Duke and the Great Pie War DVD.  This is a retelling of the story of Ruth and Boaz in the genre of King George and the Ducky.

One of the interesting things in this DVD is what Larry must go through because he likes a Rhubarbarian.  This is something that I hadn’t thought of before– a different angle to the story.

You see, Boaz was a Jew, as was Naomi.  But Ruth was a Moabitess.  And yet Boaz still felt that he should play the part of the kinsman redeemer for Ruth.  That’s an amazing thing.  Boaz would be forever linked with a woman that had good virtues but was “one of the enemy.”

When you think about what Christ did for us, he took us from being an outsider to being part of His family.  He accepted us into being one of him.  It’s actually pretty amazing, and a terrific picture!

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