An Apple a Day…

It used to be that you could count on an apple a day to keep the doctor away but now, with the ever increasing cost of health care you have to know your options.

Most companies have a health benefits plan that you have to be a part of, but if you’re a small business person, or an entrepreneur, you may have found that it’s difficult to find someone that will cover you.

That’s where companies like USA-HealthInsurance.com can help.  Say you were looking for affordable health insurance in Florida.  This site can help you find quotes on individual & small business health & dental insurance plans. Blue Cross Blue Shield, United, Kaiser & Aetna agents for all states. COBRA replacement & individual health insurance policies.  Best of all, these quotes are free!

So, if you need help finding a plan, be sure to do your homework, get multiple quotes, and know how much coverage you need.  Take it from me, Peter Plum.

Oh, and keep eating that apple a day– just don’t tell Adam Apple!

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