Insuring The Future for Your Little Vegetables

We are not guaranteed another day—it’s a sad fact brought to light once again with the passing of the likes of Tim Russert.  People take for granted the blessing and miracle each day is, and that allows us to have false confidence about what tomorrow will hold.

If you don’t have it already, you need insurance.  Death is one of the things that for sure in this world, and you need to be prepared.  The other thing is that the unexpected will happen.

Take, for example, Insurance for Vans.  Bob the Tomato is thankful for his Van insurance.  He was out that one night on the way to the Twippo concert when his tire got blown out by a porcupine and he ended up careening down a hill into a tree stump.

What you didn’t see was that Bob was able to call a tow truck that came by and took his van to the shop, but Bob didn’t have the right kind of insurance, so he had to take a loan out in order to do—a loan that he’s still paying on today.

You never know what’s ahead—and you should be prepared for those big expenses.  So take a tip from me, Peter Plum, get some insurance—do some comparison shopping.  The money that you put into it today may be what’s needed in the uncertain times that come.

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