How Do You See Again?

So, my first day at my new job was interesting.  As one of the writers at the freelancing studio I’m working for (I can’t name it because of contractual reasons) I’m tasked with coming up with gags and storylines for different vegetable productions.  Don’t get your hopes up, I’m not writing VeggieTales scripts, but I may write up some fan fiction some day for you to read!

So, part of the challenge I have is writing for vegetables that will say my lines.  That presents a few challenges, because, as you know, vegetables don’t have hands—and some of us don’t even have eyes.




So, the other day I was tasked to write a dialog between a Grape and a Decorative Gourd (much like Pa Grape and Mr. Lunt) and it was copy that was talking about the new glasses that the Grape had purchased.

What’s neat is that, in my research, I found that there are really inexpensive frames if you just do a little shopping around.  These frames I pictured above are only $12.95 from Zinni Optical, a place that was featured in the New York Times!

They have all sorts of eyeglasses to choose from, from as low as $8.00.  That’s simply amazing when it comes to eyeglasses.

So, if you need some eyeglasses, do your homework and find a good deal.  For me?  It’s back to trying to figure out whether the Grape should have transitions or not, and just how they see anyway.

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