Jonah Trivia Questions

Let’s see how well you know Jonah – A VeggieTales Movie!

  1. What’s special about the ticket that Laura the Carrot has to the concert?
  2. What happens to the car that Bob the Tomato is driving?
  3. Who are the waiters at the Fish Restaurant?
  4. Who gets to use the phone first?
  5. What commandments would the biblical Jonah not have passed on the Jews that Archibald Jonah does?
  6. Name the three Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything.
  7. What is Khalil listening to when he meets Jonah?
  8. Who comes to visit Jonah in the whale?
  9. How did the pirates become famous in Nineveh?
  10. What do Ninevites slap each other with?
  11. What is used to demonstrate “The Slap of No Return?”
  12. Why does the king listen to Jonah?
  13. What does Jonah expect as he’s sitting up in the hill?

This one shouldn’t be that bad, since one of them is in the new movie and the others are right from the story (kinda).  So, who’s up to the challenge?

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13 thoughts on “Jonah Trivia Questions

  1. Ok, I’ll be honest. I haven’t seen the movie and I haven’t visited the story of Jonah in quite awhile.  I just wanted to say the topic of your blog is unique and serves a great purpose.

  2. Thanks, ElementaryHistoryTeacher.  I hope that I provide some valuable insights into what’s going on in VeggieLand.Glad you stopped by!

  3. I need to have these questions handy BEFORE we watch the movie. I can use them for next time! Hope your Penny Peach is feeling better soon!

  4. We love Veggie Tales!  Here you go, as answered by my son;
    1. It was the only one because Juniors flew out the window.
    2.  He crashes it into underwear and then a stump.
    3.  The french peas.
    4.  I forget.
    5.  Wash your hands, scrub your feet, etc.
    6.  I forget, but it’s a cool song.
    7.  Relaxation/Therapy tape.
    8. Khalil
    9. They won the cheese puff contest.
    10. Rotten fish
    11.  A watermelon
    12. Because he was in a whale.
    13. God to destroy the Ninevites (which He doesn’t)

  5. Lori, your son did pretty well.1. It was a backstage pass, but it was also the only one that flew out the window (.5).2. It gets a flat tire and the careens off the road right where he said it did. (1 pt).3. Correct. (1 pt)4. Mr. Asparagus– he wanted to call his wife before Bob could call the tow truck (0 pt).5. Wash your hands was one, others would be “don’t do drugs, stay in school”.  (.3)6. Larry, Mr. Lunt, Pa Grape (0 pt).7. Motivational Taps “You are a skilled metalworker…” (.3)8. Khalil, and the angels. (.5)9. Correct (1 pt).10. Or just fishes (1 pt).11. A pumpkin, that they turned around and showed a frown face. (0 pt)12. Correct (1 pt)13. Correct (1 pt)So, your total is 7.6 — That’s pretty good!  You’ll have to try again next week. 🙂

  6. I love the Veggie Tales- but since my daughter is only 16 months old we are more into the music than the actual stories. So, I haven’t seen this one.

  7. I know this is an older post, but thought I would give it a try.
    I did not read the answers that you gave.
    1. It was a backstage pass
    2. The guitar makes the steering wheel come off, and the van swerves off the road
    3. The French Peas
    4. Dad Asparagus
    5. Wash your hands before you eat? I’m not really sure
    6. Larry, Pa and Mr. Lunt
    7. Motivational tapes
    8. Angels
    9. They won the sweepstakes
    10. Fish (which grosses me out)
    11. A pumpkin
    12. Because Jonah was in a whale
    13. He expects God to destroy Ninevah

  8. Very good. I haven’t been doing trivia contests in a while because so few people actually tried, but you knocked this one out of the park. #5 was don’t do drugs and stay in school, though I’m not sure why they mentioned washing your hands since Veggies don’t have hands…

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