Why Won’t My Garden Grow?

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Have you ever tried planting a garden on a hill?

Almost every time that I’ve planted a garden on my property it’s been a nice level spot. This time around, I decided to try it on a hill, and I’m having all sorts of issues.

The ground in this particular spot is a nasty form of clay that just clumps. We had a rainstorm that came by, and washed the fertilizer I had planted on top away. We build a box around it, now the water inside is pooling and still moving things around.

Same thing happens with life, and it can be enough to make you want to give up!

Anything worth doing is worth the work… sometimes there’s more work than you expect, but that is just the time of testing that you have to work through. James tells us that the trying of our faith works patience in our lives. I think you could also say that things like this work endurance, self discipline and other fruits of the spirit.

Sometimes it is better to work at it and get it right, other times you should work on the next thing. The important thing is to know the difference!

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