VeggieTales: Pizza Angel

In what is probably the closest that Big Idea has gotten to achieving the popularity of the Belly Button Song (at least in my estimation) is this one.  The story takes place in Larry’s home.  He’s ordered some pizza (Chicago Style, of course) and he’s waiting for it to arrive– but it’s been over an hour.

He starts to question himself– should he have ordered over the Internet?  Where could it be?  His soda’s turned room temperature, and just as he’s about to give up hope, the doorbell rings.  It’s Jerry Gourd, the delivery man.  He reports that since Larry’s room number was broken, Jerry was unable to find him, and ate the pizza.

Larry sings about the pizza that got away, and promises that he’ll never forget his Pizza Angel.

After this song, all pizza boxes are no longer generic (or the Pizza Lion from Madame Blueberry), but Pizza Angel boxes (as is shown in the segment preceding this with Junior as Robin Hood).

(Want to see Kurt Heinicke singing a bass backup?  Look around at the Easter Eggs and one of them is his backup vocals.  Then head back to the song and listen during the second chorus and see if you can pick it out!)

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