VeggieTales: The Sport Utility Vehicle Song

This is one of my favorite silly songs.  It’s broken up into an A and B section, and both of them pick on owners of Sport Utility Vehicles.

The song starts out with Larry and the green scallion from Esther (the one that sang the song about puppies) pulling up to a gas station to fill up their SUV’s.  I’m a little upset here because Larry doesn’t have his Susie Action Jeep from Madame Blueberry anymore, he seems to have traded it in for a blue jeep.  The scallion pulls up in a pink Subaru.  They share their mutual affection for the other’s vehicle, until they decide that they should both drive off in their big cars, separately, for different items.

This leads into the B section where they sing about absurd things happening– like there being a snowstorm and the two of them being the only ones not stuck, or a Ranger being stuck in a ditch while out on a camping trip.  In this case, these two preppie dressed people would be heroes– singing really high notes.

In either case, the entire song pokes fun at those who drive around SUV’s for day to day tasks, feeling big because they have so much horsepower, but never really doing anything sporty or getting them dirty.

A truly great and silly song.

(As a bonus, make it all the way through the hard trivia section on the Snoodle’s Tale DVD and you’ll find a session with the actual people trying to sing the song and doing a pretty humorous job of it!)

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