LarryBoy and The Angry Eyebrows Trouble

When I first sat down to watch this show, I was figuring that they took the 2D LarryBoy adventures and remade them with the new style, but this is a totally new show (though it credits the original Angry Eyebrows story) with yet another new theme song for LarryBoy. I think this is the fourth, by my count:

  1. The one introduced during the first two episodes of LarryBoy during the regular show (Dave and the Giant Pickle, Rumor Weed).
  2. The “hair band” one performed by “Shucks” the corn for LarryBoy and the Bad Apple
  3. The cartoon one for the 2D adventures
  4. This new one for VeggieTales Show

Help me out, did VeggieTales in the house or in the city have a new theme song as well?!

In any case, the story begins in Bumblyburg where Mayor Blueberry is looking for someone to lead their parade to mark how much of a happy place Bumblyburg is. I mean, it’s not like they have super villains coming through all the time making people addicted to temptation, giant rumor weeds sprouting up, alien invasions, and now angry eyebrows or anything…

I digress.

Awful Alvin wants to be the one to lead the parade, so he (and lampy) stuff the ballot box to win a vote. However, when they are discovered they decide to unleash angry eyebrows on the city that make everyone hold onto anger– except Archie and Alvin. Archie helps Larry figure out that he should say a blessing and thing good thoughts instead of anger, and LarryBoy teaches the whole town forgiveness and blessing.

It’s a simple story with a catchy rhyme, and it’s always amusing seeing LarryBoy talking to the lamp.

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