The VeggieMobile Gets Fixed


No, unfortunately my car does not turn into a robot, but one can dream, can’t they?

Tomorrow my fruit family vehicle goes back into the shop.  It’ll be the fourth time that it’s gone in to try to have the air conditioning fixed.

“What?!” you say, “Are you mad getting that fixed going into the winter months?!”  Nope.

For one thing, it’s something we started trying to get fixed in August—when it was hot.  Now that global cooling has kicked in and the white stuff has started falling from the sky, we decided that it’s better on our windshield to have air conditioning to clean up the condensation and fogging that come with the winter months.

That, and when my cousin Patricio Potato was trying to fix the air conditioning leak he did something to make the rear fans not work.  Grr…

So, I’ve been back and forth with the dealer trying to get them to fix it.  It’s not like I need a Mercedes AC Compressor, I just need something that will fix the tubes that take the coolant back and forth.

I mean, who doesn’t want a working air conditioning system in the heat of the summer?  And boy am I glad it’s not the ac compressor or some of the other auto ac parts.

Perhaps Saturday I’ll have to put on the snow tires…

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