Being Thankful for Electricity

You might be surprised, but even we fruits and vegetables go to church! This past Sunday, the pastor at our church ask when the last time we thanked the Lord for electricity, and answered for us– when the lights went out.

Little did he know that my power would go out twice today!

Life is funny like that. Most things that we have that we should be grateful for, we aren’t until they are gone and we miss them. Whether it’s a person or a utility, we seem to notice the real value of that thing only when it is missing, instead of when it is present.

When people do pray for these types of things, we find it absurd, as if we should take the for granted. However, God made us worshipers of Him, and part of that is being grateful for the blessings in life.

So why not take some time right now and thank the Lord for the blessings you usually take for granted– like the lights that are probably on where you are while I write this in the dark.

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