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Last year (ok, it was really only a few days ago, but I need to get my new years jokes in!) I showed a funny YouTube video of different people trying to guess our VeggieTales silly songs and what dvd they came out on. One of the guys even claimed that he was the voice of Larry the Cucumber. (I’ll put the video at the end of this post, so hang on!

I mean, I know Larry. Well, I don’t “know him” know him. I’ve seen him in the grocery store and once he pulled up in his SUV at the Seven Eleven. The guy didn’t even sound like him!

Anyway, as they were going through the different songs The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything came up, and of course they all got it right, but then Mike whatever-his-name-is said that the first time that it showed up was in this very DVD, so of course I needed to check it out.

What I found was that this is the first compilation DVD that VeggieTales made of their silly songs– something that they hadn’t even planned to have every episode from the start!

It’s true, in one of the early DVDs there’s an interview with Phil Vischer where he stated that the idea was to have something in the middle every time, but not always a silly song. That’s why you have The-Forgive-O-Matic in the second episode. But when that episode came out, they were getting fan mail asking, “Where is my silly song?!” so they included one ever since.

In any case, this DVD covers the silly songs up to this point, as well as introduces the notorious Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything, who culminate in their own movie, after being featured on CD’s, other DVD’s and all after one silly song.

Quite impressive.

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