Some Things Hidden in Has

I just finished watching this DVD again with my kids a couple of days ago and thought that I would share a few neat things that were in there.

You see, the writers of VeggieTales are very aware of what has gone before– and for those of us that have seen a lot of VeggieTales episodes, we can get the extra bonus of knowing exactly what’s going on.

Watch the Whole Intro

VeggieTales likes to put neat things into their opening scenes for you to see– and this one is no different.  If you let the DVD intro play, you will see Larry (who ends up being the tin man) looking for his oil can throughout the house.  What’s funny is what he says, and what he finds.  I won’t spoil it totally here, but he refers to a lot of things in the Wizard of Oz, and finds something that he’s always looking for.

Can’t Go Over the Rainbow

I don’t know why they didn’t want to use the “Over the Rainbow” song except in the credits with Mr. Lunt singing it, but you’ll notice that the tune is in the background right before Junior asks “how can you go over the rainbow– it’s just light refracted by water droplets.”

Lions, Tigers and Bears Too Scary?

VeggieTales has always been concerned about the audience that they reach– but this will definitely get some giggles from anyone that knows the story.  Instead of being afraid of Lions, Tigers and Bears, our three heroes are afraid of “Ohioans, Fifers and Mares.”  Definitely funny!

Bob’s Headphones

A long standing joke in VeggieTales lore is that Bob doesn’t like the “What We Have Learned Today” song.  In this episode, when the song is played, Bob takes out a pair of headphones to wear during the song.  If you listen to the commentary track, you have the director of the show explaining that this is a joke that flopped.  However, I don’t know why they even tried this.

You see, Bob doesn’t dislike the song itself (he told this to Larry in an earlier episode), but it’s the timing.  The song always interrupts Bob’s train of thought (worse than Larry’s interruptions!) and he has to wait for it to finish.  So, the irritation is that Bob the control freak has to wait for this ditty to end so that he can get to the lesson– not the song itself.

What kinds of things did you find?

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