How to Find Extra VeggieTales Content

Big Idea hides extra content on every DVD that they make.  And, fortunately for us, this content is fairly easy to find if you’re patient.  If you’re not, simply go get some kind of DVD ripping software and scan through the tracks and find the things yourself!

Front Page

Some of the opening pages are more interactive than others.  If you let the front page play you’ll likely to be treated to a funny introduction on a given topic.  If there’s a way to see more, page through all of them– for they’re quite amusing.

Easter Eggs

Sometimes these are obvious, sometimes they are not.  The easiest way to find some of the extra content on the VeggieTales DVDs is to use the right and left arrows on your DVD remote control rather than using the up and down.  You’ll see the cursor move somewhere off the menu, and if you click on this you’ll get the extra content.

Make sure to explore all of the pages to see all the goodies!

Trivia Fun

Trivia may seem like a waste of time, but there can be some truly great stuff hiding at the end while having a perfect score.  For example, at the end of Snoodle’s Tale is a rendition of the Silly Song, Sport Utility Vehicle, where you can actually see the people voicing Larry and his female counterpart for the song– very amusing.

Have you found some interesting VeggieTales content that you’d like to share?

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