The Blessings Of More Mature Fruit

It is always hard to raise a fruit family when we’re constantly being moved from place to place. One minute you’re at the farm, the next the grocery store, or into someone’s home. Fortunately for Penny and I, we don’t end up like most fruits… er, um, eaten. But that means that with each of these changes in location we need to adapt to our new surroundings. Toss in a few small fruits and this can be a challenging time.

The Bible never envisioned that people would be islands unto themselves. When you read it, you see that people grew up in groups, with multiple families together and others in the community investing into the families with their time.

It today’s society, it’s not normal to live together as a family. Human children grow and then are sent away to college. Some times they return to where they were born, but often they move away. So what then? Well, in Titus 2 we see that the older men and women in the church– those with more practical knowledge– were to help the younger in the church in their various roles in the family.

Only now, we’re too busy!

Elizabeth Elliot has an interesting thing to say about this:

The consensus among Christians seems to be that careers for women are not only permissible but to be encouraged. If we take a careful look at the scriptural lists of womanly responsibilities (1 Tim. 5:910 and Titus 2:3–5), we may ask whether there is time to do those things which are clearly the will of God when we have set for ourselves so ambitious an agenda.

A Woman’s Mandate by Elizabeth Elliot

The whole article is interesting, but the point that I’m trying to get it is that we’ve lost something when we think we can do it alone. We weren’t meant to be this busy and not to have anyone to help. We were meant to invest in each other and aid the greater things in life– like raising chilren for the next generation.

We need the help of Godly Men and Women for it’s the greatest investment we can make in our church’s life– to support the fathers and mothers as they do the difficult work of raising the next generation.

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