Oh Be Careful Little Tongue

One of my younger fruits is getting a larger vocabulary and any of you out there whose little one has started to talk more knows that it’s a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that it is so cute when they start expressing themselves, and it’s a whole lot easier to tell what they’re complaining about or when they have to use the bathroom!

The downside is that because of the fall, these little ones often say things that hurt others or are mean– as the Good Book says, out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks!

So, when my smallest little grape starts calling those around him meanies or telling them that he only likes some of them and not others, it comes the time that this old Plum and his Peach of a wife must step in and show him love and get him to show love to others.

Now, this isn’t always easy, but it starts with controlling what we say and the way that we talk about others. Yes, young ones tend to parrot those around them and act like them. It’s time for introspection and lessons on love for everyone. That’s why Christ came– to show His love to us so that we might show His love for others.

So be careful what you say, because you might hear it again, and then you have to work hard to that you don’t!

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Peter Plum

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