Watching the Debate

Joe Biden

Just because we’re vegetables (or fruits for that matter) doesn’t mean that Penny and I will not be watching the U.S. Vice Presidential debates.  There’s been a lot of talk in our news about who these people are and what they might say, and it sounds like it’ll make entertaining television while we wait for Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything: A Veggie Tales Movie!

We’ll probably get some ice cream, and after the little veggies are in bed we’ll get to settle in and watch this.

palin_560x_2 _ Associated Press-Al Grillo

Who do you think will do better in this debate?  I hear that the nickname for the girl at the left is “Barracuda”, but I’ve also heard the guy above is a skilled debater—having been in many U.S. Presidential contests.

Will anyone ask them how they feel about Vegetable rights?  Do  you think that they will grant us freedoms to leave the countertop?

My guess is that they’ll spend more time talking about how much they’re happy to be there than discussing issues important to us veggies, and as long as we get paid and our banks are ok, I suppose we should just let you decide who’s President?

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