Welcome to Veggie Tales Review and for embarking on this fun walk down the grocery aisle with us.  Throughout our time together, we will take a look into Big Idea’s Veggie Tales– the good, the bad, and the Giant Pickle.  Keep in mind that all rights are reserved by Big Idea, and that the character names, DVD names, and all assorted information may be trademarked, copywrited, or owned by Big Idea, and this site is just to be an index of all thing Veggie.

We’re here to cataloge Veggies because we love them.  They do a good job of hitting the mark of creating Sunday Morning Values in Saturday Morning fun and we’d like to provide you– parents, friends, family– with the ability to see what they have to offer and choose what you’d like to see for yourself!

So, please be patient as we start to review from our huge selection of Veggie paraphenalia and start practicing talking to your tomato.

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