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What VeggieTales Video played the Cheeseburger song in the background during a period of “Technical Difficulties”?

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4 thoughts on “Trivia Question

  1. Ok, there wasn’t anything specific as to the “technical difficulties” but in Madame Blueberry, right after the shopping trip, while they’re eating lunch, the Cheeseburger song is playing in the background…to kind of a big band sound…
    That’s our best shot!

  2. While you’re right that the Cheeseburger song plays in the background for the “mall music” while Madame Blueberry looks at Junior and his dad talking about the train set and the ball, that’s not “technical difficulties.”

    A good catch, but a different VeggieTales adventure.

    If I don’t have more guesses after Thursday I’m going to have to come up with a different question. 🙂

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