VeggieTales: Duke and the Great Pie War

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Duke and the Great Pie War was another foray into the world or setting that was used for King George and the Ducky– a medevil time period. Big Idea has always been fascinated by the Disney stories that also have princesses, and they introduce a new female character, Petunia Rhubarb. This character is paired with Larry from here on out.

This Video starts out with a letter that asks Bob and Larry how someone should treat their siblings. It’s at this point that Bob finds out that Larry has three brothers– one of them is Bob the Cucumber. Larry says that he has some stories, and away we go.

Babysitter in DeNile
This story features Laura the Carrot as Miriam. In this story, a baby has been born to Miriam’s family, but they can’t say what it is. In fact, they refer to it as “the baby” and the french peas (who are the egyptian guards) wonder why there are not more baby boys. Miriam is charged with taking care of the baby while the rest are sent to work, and she struggles with putting aside herself to take care of the little one. It’s not until she almost has Aaron, her brother, run over by the princess’ procession and he takes responsibility that she learns that families stick out for each other and that’s how they show love. Eventually she hides the baby in the pool and the princess finds him and the rest of the story sticks with the Scripture. There’s an interesting short about Miriam hiding the baby while the guards look during the credits.

The Blues with Larry
Larry tries to sing the blues in the most dressed up he’s ever been. Except he can’t sing except for how great a day he’s having. Blind Lemon Lincoln (who’s accompianing him on the guitar and harmonica) tries to get him sad by giving and then taking away an ice cream bar, and then by smashing his cookie– but that doesn’t stop Larry. Eventually the lemon gives up and what was once the blues becomes polka!

Duke and the Great Pie War
Interestingly enough, the singing narrarators are guys singing in falsetto. Because of that, it’s really hard to hear what they are saying the first few times around. Larry plays the part of Duke Duke– someone who owns a bunch of apple orchards and is remotely related to Nona and Petunia. Duke is not very good at being a knight. Nona eventually explains that Petunia married her son and they moved to Rhubarb, but after Nona’s son and husband died, they all moved back to schon. However, that’s not left them with much besides half the key to the royal vault. Petunia asks Duke to joust against the character Mr. Lunt is playing for the other half of the duck.

There are three challenges. Duke does awful on the obstacle course, but is able to solve the Abbot of Costello’s “Who’s on first” parody. There is then a joust in which Duke wins, and in a ceremony that looks like a wedding, Duke and Petunia unite the duck which lays a jewel encrusted golden egg.

This story tries to parallel the Biblical story of Ruth and does a pretty good job.

In the wrap up, Larry introduces Bob to his brothers and they sing the “What have we learned?” song.

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