VeggieTales: I Want to Dance

This song is sung by Jerry Gourd’s “Dr. Jiggle” character in “Dr. Jiggle and Mr. Sly” which is on The Snoodle’s Tale DVD.  Basically, Jerry plays the part of a gourd whose only dream in life is to be able to dance, but is unable to because of his physique– being large on the bottom.

So, what does Dr. Jiggle do to accomplish his dream besides take dancing lessons?  He takes some potion that turns him into Mr. Sly.  When confronted by his friends, he sings a song about how his only aspiration in life was to dance and “feel the rush of the wind under his shoes.”

Don’t even ask about a gourd with shoes– veggies don’t have feet and hands, right?  Well, in this episode, you actually see feet and hands for one vegetable, but you’ll have to watch it to find out which one!

There are two arrangements of this tune, one with a more classical feel and one with a more disco sound to it.

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