Lessons Learned from Gideon, Tuba Warrior

As with every VeggieTales show there’s a lesson that they want you to learn and usually many sub-lessons that I find while watching.  Gideon Tuba Warrior is no different.

The lesson that VeggieTales wants you to get is “A Lesson in Trusting God.”  That’s shown by the fact that no matter how big the Midianites were and how small the army that Gideon had to face them God was still there and was still in control.  Therefore they showed the differences in strength, and that God can do all things.

The lesson that I found interesting was hidden in the interaction between the Angel of the Lord and Gideon.  In this telling of the story, Gideon (Larry) is fine with the fact that the Angel is an Angel (it’s really evident in the Judges version in that Gideon wants to make an offering to the Angel).  But he then has a problem when the Angel asks him to do something.

And that is the case a lot of the times with us…  We know that we should be doing something, we know it’s what the Lord commands, but we want to beg God to do something for us in return, or question His ability to provide.  We fail in that we don’t step out in faith to do what we know we should and I think that a key component is that we acknowledge that He is God, but we don’t relate properly to Him.  Our understanding of who God is is only mental, it’s not experiential.

So, take this lesson from Gideon– learn who God is through walking with Him, and trust that He will do what He says He will do.

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