What I Learned from The Asparagus of LaMancha

The first segment on the Veggie Tales: Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler DVD is entitled The Asparagus of LaMancha and sees Archibald Asparagus and Mr. Lunt working a small cafe when a big fast food chain comes into town.  The lesson from the episode is that friends always stick together– which is what Mr. Lunt does even though Archibald is having extra spicy chip dip induced dreams that have him attacking the “Food Factory” with a mop.

What I found interesting was Mr. Lunt’s advice– find something that the “Food Factory” is not doing, and do it instead.  (They end up doing breakfast instead of going up against it with direct competition.)  I had to ask myself– how many times do I choose to try to do something someone else does instead of trying to fill in with the things that are missing.

I think that too often a lot of people see what others have (again with the jealousy aspect) and they decide that they want it to– so they do the same thing!  In reality, we are not all going to make millions blogging, write famous books, or even do anything that will get name recognition.  We can, however, look for that thing that we have been gifted to do and do that with all of our being.

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