Give a Gift with Meaning

They say that it is better to give than to receive.  This Christmas season you can do both.

While you’re doing your shopping for the perfect holiday gift this winter, consider going to the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America eStore and looking at what they offer as gifts. They have special gifts for reasonable prices, but best of all, each gift that you purchase gives money toward the cure and treatment of this disease and touches many families.

The foundation does more than simply search for a cure.  They also try to help those that are currently dealing with a loved one that’s been afflicted by the disease. Did you know that those diagnosed with Alzheimer?s live on average of eight to ten years from diagnosis?

Nothing is more terrifying than losing your memory.  Common things that you once knew with ease disappearing.  And the family that is now left to take care of loved ones that eventually will not remember who you are. There can also be hallucinations, and other mental symptoms that can be hard both on the person and the family as the person effected may no longer be able to sort out the difference between reality and what they may have thought they saw.

Most cancers or other diseases affect the body, and while these are heartbreaking, I don’t think that anything could be worse than forgetting those things that you care about. There is currently no cure for Alzheimer?s. The FDA has approved four drugs to treat mild to moderate Alzheimer?s disease.

Around the holidays is one of the best times to give– because it is a time when you’re thinking of others, and it is a time when those with loved ones with Alzheimer’s are having another Thanksgiving or Christmas with a loved one that remembers less than a year ago.

So, won?t you consider getting a gift for those that are touched by this dreadful disease and show love to those in need?



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