Thirteen Trivia Questions on VeggieTales Christmas

It’s that time again. Thirteen trivia questions from VeggieTales Holiday Double Feature

  1. What is the name of the narrator in the Toy that Saved Christmas?
  2. To whom is he reading a story?
  3. What is the name of the toy that everyone wants?
  4. What would Bob rather do than slide downhill?
  5. What town name spoken in this episode is also in other episodes?
  6. Who are guards at Nezzar’s hideout?
  7. Who sings the carol at the end of the episode?
  8. What was Cavis and Millwood’s claim to fame?
  9. Who plays the part of the Prince they are trying to impress?
  10. What powers the car that Pa Grape drives?
  11. What number are they not supposed to use on their way to the pageant?
  12. Bob and Larry think they are stealing the star of Christmas– what do they end up stealing?
  13. What song is sung when Bob and Larry go to visit the crook in jail?


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