VeggieTales: Sumo of the Opera

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This is the first VeggieTales episode to have four segments.  It is also one that has Larry away from the set leaving Bob and Khalil moving a sock puppet’s mouth.



The show starts off with Bob explaining that Larry is out trying to help some children and has left him with a sock puppet (a teensy-weensy cucumber) that will help him do the show.  Larry calls up and says that he’s going to give up because it’s hard to get to where he should.  Khalil says that he has a story that will help him, and so Bob tells him to go ahead.


Going Up

This is a silent film in the tradition of Laurel and Hardy.  Larry, Mr. Lunt and Jerry Gourd are piano deliverers for Mr. Nezzar.  He leaves them to deliver a piano to the top of a long line of stairs.  After getting close to delivery, the piano rides all the way down, and Jerry gets distracted.


Larry and Mr. Lunt work it for a little while, but Mr. Lunt decides to get an ice cream instead.  This leaves Larry to do it by himself.  Once he gets to the top, Madame Blueberry gives him a kiss, and Mr. Nezzar lets him sit in the front of the truck, while the other two are stuck in the back.



Bob tells Khalil that it doesn’t help Larry to not be able to hear what happened, so he goes off to find a story.


Schoolhouse Polka

Larry comes in looking a lot like a teacher from Mike Nawrocki’s school.  He sings a song about homophones– words that sounds similar.  The words show on the bottom during the tune.  The announcer talks about different parts of speech making Larry continue to come back many more times until Larry gives up.


Legend of Saint Patrick

This is a flannelgraph run by Khalil’s sock puppet.  It traces the story of Saint Patrick from England to Ireland, from a slave to running away to being trained in church to going back to be a missionary to Ireland.  I’m not too sure about whether he taught the real Gospel or the catholic gospel, though.  That kind of concerns me.


Sumo of the Opera

This story is a take off on Rocky.  Apollo Gourd is the champion Sumo Wrestler that is supposed to be challenging a Mr. T look-a-like potato.  The Italian Scallion (Larry) is his sparring partner, but while being a goof, Scallion causes Mr. T to injure himself.  In the mean time we learn that Scallion was supposed to fix Hadrian’s bicycle, so Scallion offers to fight Apollo.  (We also learn about what is and isn’t Haiku, but that’s another story.)


Scallion goes into training, but it proves difficult.  Pa Grape decides to help train him, but Scallion gives up until Hadrian shows that he has faith in him and looks up to him.  This causes Scallion to train in true Rocky fashion, even ending at the top of an escalator where strategically placed robot arms look as if Scallion is raising gloves in the air.


During the fight, Apollo is unable to push Scallion outside the ring as fast as he bragged he would, and they end up in a tie.  Scallion fixes Hadrian’s bicycle, and they all learned a valuable lesson.



Larry shows up after the phone goes dead saying that he made it and giving directions that, if you were in Chicago, would lead you to Big Idea’s headquarters at the time.  I’ve never actually wrote it all down to verify.


He says that the stories helped him stick with it, even when it was difficult.

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4 thoughts on “VeggieTales: Sumo of the Opera

  1. i was wondering whether or not you have a copy of what po-ta-to’s haiku is once he messes up his back

    “oh my aching back” is all that I know and I want to know what the rest is … please reply …

  2. wondering what Po-Ta-Tos haiku is

    “Oh my aching back” is all I know and I wanna know the rest. please reply …

  3. DO you know what the rest of Po-Ta-To’s haiku is when he messes up his back?

    “oh my aching back….”

    and then I go blank. I want to remember …. can you help? …

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