VeggieTales: Larry’s High Silk Hat

Archibald took over the show Lyle the Kindly Viking to try to inject style and classiness into VeggieTales– therefore he forbid Larry to do a silly song, he had to do a classy song.  Archibald thereby takes over the duties as narrator and main singer along with Larry in this silly song.

This song begins with a feather floating down and landing on Larry’s hat– which he promptly blows off.  It also features the Big Idea crew at the time as backup vocalists.

We met Larry waiting for the bus with a high hat and a chocolate bunny.  Who should show up but Art Bigotti in his first appearance that didn’t have him on flat wear.  Larry begs him to stay away from his snack and hat which he has placed on the bench beside him since the smiling sun has gotten hot.

Next, Mr. Nezzar shows up wearing the same outfit he did in Rack, Shack and Benny and eyes the chocolate with interest.  He is followed by the girl from Esther: The Girl who Would be Queen that lost while singing about her dogs (and she eventually ends up singing a duet with Larry called the SUV Song).  She is still dressed in that outfit.

Finally, a huge gourd shows up with a shirt that reads “Gourd’s Gym.”  He sits on Larry’s hat and chocolate until Bob shows up driving the bus and all the Veggies pile on board (except for Larry) and the bus leaves.

Larry confesses his plight to a scallion that’s pushing a broom his way.  When Larry asks the scallion his name, the scallion responds by saying “I’ve been around since show one and they still haven’t given me a name!”  And it ends with Larry asking “Now what do you think of that?”

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