Thirteen Reasons You Should Contribute to VeggieTales Review

Thirteen Reasons You Should Contribute to VeggieTales Review

1. You love VeggieTales, but it doesn’t exactly fit in your blog.

2. You have a secret crush on Larry and you hope he chooses you over Petunia Rhubarb.

3. You’re kids call you “Sally Squash” instead of “Mommy”.

4. You’d like to talk about how the Cheeseburger Song is the greatest song of all time.

5. You’ve purchased one or more VeggieTales stuffed toy and you keep the tags on them.

6. You purchased the PS3 Larry Boy game just so you could get the miniature Larry-mobile car inside.

7. You know the correct order of every VeggieTales release.

8. When you watch “Minnesota Cuke” you hear all four songs from previous VeggieTales videos (the hard one being “Love Your Neighbor”).

9. You listen to the commentary tracks on the DVDs.

10. You find that the shots where they show Phil, Mike and Lisa mouthing the parts really amusing.

11. You sing “Oh Where is My Hairbrush” when you can’t find your hairbrush.

12. You preorder the next VeggieTales episode.

13. You are subscribed to the VeggieTales newsletter.


Seriously, though.  VeggieTales Review is looking for people that would like to contribute on a monthly basis to this blog to talk about all things Veggie!  You can review a specific item, talk about rumors you’ve heard, discuss the latest news, or just talk about why you like VeggieTales!

Sound interesting?  Register today!


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13 thoughts on “Thirteen Reasons You Should Contribute to VeggieTales Review

  1. Too funny! I have sung the Hairbrush song when looking for a brush! I think that Love my Lips and the Sayboo songs are my favorite!

  2. So, MamaArcher, feel like contributing to VeggieTales Review? You could come up with your own vegetable “secret identity” and everything!

  3. Don’t get me wrong. I totally LOVE Veggietales (or we wouldn’t have been crazy enough to drive 4 hours from Cleveland to Detroit to take our then 3yo preschoolers to see VT Live years ago).

    My youngest is 7 months old. I’ve been watching VT for EIGHT years now. I cannot imagine another 4 years. I mean, I *will* of course (because it’s “good stuff” for my kids) but like eating too much of your favorite food and then not loving it quite so much anymore, VT is a bit sweet for me these days.

    But,…I do still love “piratey tings!”

  4. So, I can’t talk you into writing a post once a month on VeggieTales– of which you’re clearly an expert?

    I mean, I’ve never even seen VT live!

  5. Hmmm, my kids are too old, so I have never seen this…yet. I have a two year old grand daughter who currently is addicted to Elmo and Blues Clues and even my husband sometimes starts singing the songs when she is not around. Is this Veggie-ness going to hit us soon?

    Thanks for visiting.


  6. You know I have never actually seen a Veggie Tales in my life. I’ve seen Baby Shakespeare about a thousand times. Perhaps its time to expand our dvd collection. 😉

  7. I had to laugh, cause. Before Veggie Tales, there was Barney. Oh boy, how my girls put me through Barney this & Barney that. I had all the tape’s with that. Even DS whom is 9 now, watched Barney & Veggie Tales too. Oh BTW, we have all the Veggie Tales too. Now, were passing them along to our neighbor.Who’s son is 19 months old now. Our next step of movies is Bible Man & Angel Wars, he really enjoys those ‘DS’.

    Thanks for stopping by,

  8. I love VT. It has been so long since we have watched them. We have all our VHS tapes packed away. I should go dig them out. The kids will love it.
    Great TT!


  9. I pink puffy heart the Veggie Tales. The first one I saw was Rack, Shack, and Benny and to this day, I still hum the “Bunny Song.” My favorite is probably Madame Blueberry…nah, it is too hard to choose a favorite. They are all clever and hilarious and with a great message. Viva la Veggie!

  10. After reading Phil Vicher’s book about how Veggie Tales was created (and Barney comes into it briefly too, since Barney was the biggest thing going for that age group, and therefore competition) I look at it differently. You might say the “mystique” is gone. But I still love the characters. Just because Big Idea didn’t do so well in the long run because of management issues, doesn’t take away from Larry or Bob or the French Peas or the Archibald or the cukes or the zuchinni’s or Jr. or…well, there’s too many characters to mention them all here. BTW, my favorite video (besides the original Larry Boy) is the Rumor Weed. And my favorite Silly Songs are the hairbrush song and the love my lips song. Tied.
    Great TT!

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