Peter Likes Baseball

So, this past weekend I finally made it out on the field with some of my fruity friends to do battle royal on the old diamond with the Gourds.  It was a valiant game—for all of the first few pitches.

We were squashed 32-5.

But still, I like baseball and softball, and I’m not doing too bad with the fantasy variety of the game.  Well, some of my baseball picks are on the DL right now, which isn’t doing well for my team’s balance.

But I think what I need is some kind of inside track—some place to get information about who is doing well and who is not, and who to pick up while my key players are out of commission.

It looks like Addict Sports may be just the place for me to get ahead.  Of course I’ll have to spend some time in the forums, but there is wisdom in numbers.

Now, if only I could have as good a team on the field as I do on the Internet…

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