Pa Grape Needs Some New Glasses

cool As you know, Pa Grape doesn’t have any eyes—at least, not that we can see.  That means that it’s very important that he has good eyewear.

The problem is, being a VeggieTales superstar doesn’t exactly bring with it a big paycheck.  I mean, it used to be that new DVDs were $14.99, and now they’re only $9.99!

So, where does Pa go to get his eyeglasses inexpensively?  Zenni Optical!

I have to admit, I was skeptical at first.  When Pa told me he had ordered a pair of glasses for $8.00 I told him that they couldn’t work.  I spent the time it took to get them from China mocking him, and asked him where he’d ever heard of such a thing.

He pointed me to this web review from the Examiner.  Sure enough, these things were the real deal, and they saved Pa a bunch of money.

What’s more, Pa was telling that the added features that you usually get—things link UV protection etc.—are really cheap there as well.

Like I said, I was skeptical, but the day came when they arrived in the mail and Pa shouted “Hallelujah, I can see again!”

If you’re not looking to get your glasses right away, and you want a cheap pair of glasses that do a good job, check out Zenni Optical, and tell them that Pa Grape sent you!

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