Are You Having a Baby?

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Being pregnant is an amazing time.  Between the physical changes, inability to hold down food, and the cravings, there’s this neat time of wonderment as you gaze at ultrasounds, think of the future, and plan for their college financing.

One of the things that you have to decide early on is whether or not you’re going to find out the pregnant baby gender—are you having a boy or a girl.

Now, some people don’t like to know, and when my parents were having me, I’m not sure they could find out with the degree of accuracy that they can today.  Basically, that ultrasound is full-proof.

What’s neat is that there also other methods available to you—in case you can’t wait to find out whether you should be painting that new nursery blue or pink.

Meet the gender predictor, or gender test.  It operates much like one of those tests that told that you that, yes, you were indeed pregnant.  Only this one will tell you whether you should start expecting a boy or girl.

So, I guess it’s all about how much patience you have and whether you like surprises.  Do you want to find out what you’re having before you hear the doctor tell you?  Would you rather wait for an ultrasound?  Or how about taking a test?

In any case, be glad for the bundle of joy—even though it’ll keep you up at night for the next 18 years.

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