Not Helping is the Same as Hurting

The central theme of The Big Rescue is the idea that not helping is the same as hurting.  This concept is brought out in a few different ways.

Tomato Sawyer (Bob the Tomato) only wants to do what he has to to help Little Jimmy Gourd get back to his mother in St. Louis.  Huckleberry Larry (Larry the Cucumber) wants to make sure to help until Jimmy gets home.

This is how Tom feels as he gets a ticket back to his homestead site until his fishing pole is broken and the announcer could have prevented it.

Yep, a little hokey there when you describe it plainly.

The point of the story, though, is important for the Christian to understand and digest.

It’s not enough to not do something

Too often we see people that are in need, or someone that is being picked on, and we choose to stand by and let it happen, or worse—walk away.

The point is that we see situations around us each and every day, but do we take a moment to realize that God may have placed that person in our path, may have had us at that location, so that we can make a difference in someone’s life?

Life Saving

When I was trained on CPR back as a senior in high school, one of the things stressed to use was that even though many people may know how to save a life, in the moment that someone falls down without air, many will just stand and look—and not take action figuring that someone else will.

As a Christian, many souls are lost, dying and going to Hell today.  I am a witness to the salvation offered freely through Christ—I have a way to help save them.  The Spirit can use me to bring that message.

What I should do and what I do are not always the same thing.

If we do not help, we are hurting

Whether it’s physical needs or spiritual needs, we should be those that strive to meet those needs.  For the glory of our Father that is in Heaven.  For the love of others.  Because we are no better than they, and Christ died for them as well.

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2 thoughts on “Not Helping is the Same as Hurting

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  2. What’s that verse…”He that knows what is right and doeth it not, to him it is sin”? This is a great Veggie Tales movie for that lesson…

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