VeggieTales – Big River Rescue

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From the Cover

“Take a little trippy down the Mighty Mississippi”!”

Tomato Sawyer and Huckleberry Larry’s life on the lazy river takes a turn for adventure when they help a stranger in need.  With unexpected twists around every bend, they discover that while helping others may not be the easiest thing to do, it’s always the right thing to do.


This new episode starts with Larry saying that he has to go to his book reading club, but when Bob shows up he finds that no one in the group actually reads the books, they only read the equivalent of Cliff’s Notes of the books.  This launches him into his reimaging of Huck Finn.

Big River Rescue

This story starts out with George, a narrator that we haven’t seen since The Toy That Saved Christmas.  This time he’s made up like Mark Twain, though many compare him with Colonel  Sanders of KFC fame.

He’s going to tell us a story and help us get setting through out the show.  This includes showing us where the Mississippi river is, instructing us about homesteading, and explaining why a tax service in this time period isn’t very helpful since the income tax wasn’t passed yet.

Very quickly we meet Little Jimmy, who was framed for stealing turkey jurky and is having to help out Mr. Nezzar who’s returned to his full villain form.

Jimmy escapes, and Tom and Huck soon realize that they’ll have to help him.

The Biscuit of Zazzamarandabo

This is quite the frolicking tune that is fun to hear, but there’s not really much of a point—except for the part where they find that Jimmy and Jerry have eaten a biscuit, but it’s not the right one.

Besides, who but Archibald can say the name correctly?

Back to the Show…

Tom and Huck find that Mr. Nezzar has infiltrated even babies to alert him when Little Jimmy shows up.  They end up going further down the river to put him on a train, but Huck realizes that he should go all the way to St. Louis with him to make sure he gets there safely.

Especially when Jimmy and Jerry show up with names that are suspicious.

Tom decides not to go on the boat, but is taught a lesson about caring for others when his fishing pole is broken and the narrator could have helped.

Once in St. Louis, Mr. Nezzar gives Huck the slip and goes to get Jimmy.  Tom appears out of nowhere to help Huck, exposes Mr. Nezzar as the real thief, and Jimmy and his mom are reunited.

Closing Countertop

The lesson is that not helping is the same as hurting.  That, and that the best part about book clubs is the food.

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