Training Little Vegetables


What is the primary responsibility for the family?  In my opinion it’s training up the next generation—raising a godly seed.

So, how far should this go?

What They Take In

To me, this should include what they watch on television and what they read.  What they see and take in should be that which builds their faith, not that which would seek to harm it.

That means that there are few good choices for entertainment out there—and some would say that means that there’s more time for imagination.

VeggieTales, Adventures in Odyssey, Patch the Pirate and the like provide some great ways to stretch your kids minds using imagination and storytelling.  These are positive things, to which you can add biographies and other true stories to give an appropriate image of God.

Where They Go to School

It’s important that, while their minds are young, they are trained in the ways of the Lord.  Children are not equipped to make adult decisions about what to believe, and when left to make those decisions, the one that spends the most time with them will be the one they pick.

With public education reduced to education by secular humanists, there are really only two choices for the believer if they’re seeking to raise godly seed: Christian schooling or homeschooling.


We must make sure that our children choose for friends those that would build their character, not those that would seek to tear it down.  This doesn’t have to be obvious, but it should be planned.

Take an interest in your kids friends and their parents.  You need to know what they’re being exposed to and who will be influencing them when you’re not.

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