VeggieTales: I Love My Lips

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I Love My Lips is the first time that Larry the Cucumber came close to yodeling. Mike Nawrocki, the voice of Larry, determined early on that Larry could yodel, but it wouldn’t be until Yodeling Veteranarian of the Alps that he actually yodeled.

This silly song is set on the countertop in Dr. Archibald’s psychiatric office. Larry is laying on a couch. If you look in the background, a picture of the mountains of Flibberoloo is behind Archibald on the wall. Archibald starts by asking what Larry’s problem is, and Larry goes into singing about how he loves his lips.

Keying off the stereotypical Freudian things, Larry links loving his lips to his dad and mom, to which Dr. Archibald believes that he has a serious case on his hands and shows Larry some ink blots. If you look closely, one of these “blots” is actually an artist rendering of Mike Nawrocki.

There are a few comedic moments in this silly song that stand out. One is the fact that Larry’s Aunt Ruth has a beard– which feels weird. Aunt Ruth is a running joke in VeggieTales and you only see half of her in the Song of the Cebu. The other part played for laughs is the rapid fire of what happened to Larry when his lips got stuck on a gate. As he’s spewing what happened, you see smoke coming from Dr. Archibald’s pad, and he finally just asks for the Polish word at the end.

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