My Thirteen Favorite VeggieTales Moments

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Thirteen of Peter Plum’s Favorite VeggieTales Moments

1. When Larry says “Deparados, you better come to your senses” in The Ballad of Little Joe.

2. Junior’s song about His Day in Larry’s Wonderful World of Autotainment.

3. When Hope finishes her song saying that if the story of Jesus ended at the cross, there would be no hope in An Easter Carol.

4. When Larry shows up with Bob and he has a candy bar stuck to his helmet in Are You My Neighbor.

5. When Junior and the gang cannot figure out how much 70 * 7 is in God Wants Me to Forgive Them.

6. At the end of Duke and the Pie War when Larry brings out his brothers the cucumbers and they sing the “What Have We Learned Song.”

7. When Minnesota rescues Julia from a bunch of malt mix– even though there was no way it should have flooded the room in Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Sampson’s Hairbrush.

8. When Larry says “Sure, give the gourd a bow and arrow and he thinks he’s a real elf!” at the end of Silly Songs with Elves on Lord of the Beans.

9. That Madame Blueberry can just keep buying and buying things without any kind of payment, and it isn’t until the air compressor (to blow food off your dresser?) is loaded up that the house topples in Madame Blueberry.

10. When Jimmy and Jerry build a rocket to knock down the walls of Jerico– and then Jimmy comments at the end that it was a lousy day to wear his contacts in Josh and the Big Wall.

11. When Larry Boy and Alfred have a text message from a girl, and Larry’s first comment is that he’s impressed she typed out that long message on those small keys in Larry Boy and the Bad Apple.

12. The fact that Cavis and Millwood thought that the Turtle of Damascus was the Star of Christmas, and then they brought the food to the guy in jail in The Star of Christmas.

13. When Bob says that he wanted to play Mouse Trap instead of sliding downhill in the snow as he’s stuck in a bank in The Toy that Saved Christmas.

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3 thoughts on “My Thirteen Favorite VeggieTales Moments

  1. We haven’t seen too many veggie tale movies; sadly there aren’t a whole lot out there to rent. The kids did rent Jonah & the Whale; which the youngest will sing the song now. They are good movies with a good storyline & purpose.

    My list is up. Have a terrific Thursday.

  2. You know, I turned Veggie Tales on for the kids when they were little and then went about my business. I have no idea what happened in those episodes! lol

    Happy TT!

  3. I actually mentioned veggie tales in my list of 13 annoying songs that get stuck in my head–I enjoy them normally, but Larry Boy and the Rumor Weed is my Three Year Old’s current obsession. I love the where is my hairbrush song. And the one where Larry is the suave spanish speaking dancer, but poor bob cannot dance…

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