VeggieTales: Worship Songs

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VeggieTales Worship Songs is a collection of songs with a worship/CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) type feel. That being said, there are only a couple of songs that would lean toward the Christian Rock Sound.

The story line revolves around Bob and Larry taking over rehearsing Junior’s choir while the original conductor is out at a convention in Moose Lake. The big gag at the beginning is that Larry is having a hard time getting out of his seat belt because he doesn’t have hands.

Here’s some of the songs and my take:

Come Now is the Time
A very repetative song– but easy to tap your foot to.

God of Wonders
CCM song that starts with a statement that “God rules”– something much more in line with teen type conversation.

Better is One Day
Probably the one song that you’ll walk away humming. This song is performed by Matt Redman and the kids, and is taken right from the Psalms.

Thy Word
Weird choice of instrumentation here– they used a clavichord to set the song, but the song talks about God’s Word lighting our path. Junior is the key vocalist on this song.

Blessed Be Your Name
Matt Redman again is featured in this song.

Bob spells out a good definition of forever, and they sing this almost tropical sounding song.

You Put This Love in My Heart
Keith Green song that is the closest the CD gets to Christian Rock/Pop sound. Performed by Boyz in the Sink (Larry, Junior, Jimmy, and Mr. Lunt). It also flirts with being a boyfriend/girlfriend song. “You put this love in my heart”– who did?

I Could Sing of Your Love Forever
This song says the title a lot.

In The Secret
CCM song that talks about wanting to know God more– definitely a worthwhile goal.

I Am A Promise
Junior Asparagus sings about the ability we have to be promises in this arrangement of a Gaither classic. I prefer the arrangement on More Bob and Larry’s Sunday Morning Songs to this setting.

Seek Ye First
A classic worship chorus.

You Are Holy
A pick-me-up song with a beat that focuses on God’s names to give Him glory.

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