VeggieTales: Madame Blueberry

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This VeggieTales adventure starts out with Bob just being present on the Countertop waiting for Larry to show up– and boy does he make an entrance. He rides in on his pink “Susie Action Jeep.” Bob asks Larry if the jeep makes him happy, and Larry starts listing the accessories he would need for true happiness. Before Bob can start a story, Jean-Claude and Phillipe Pea show up on scene saying they have a french story they would like to share.

In this story of Madame Blueberry, she lives in a tree with Bob and Larry, her butlers. Why a blueberry lives in a tree is never explained except it is necessary for the story! In any case, the blueberry is a very jealous fruit. she has pictures around the trunk of the tree of thiings that other people have that she wants. She believes that if she were to possess these things that she would be happy.

It is at this point that Larry notices a building out the window– a building named Stuff Mart. As they are wondering what this building is, the three scallions show up at her door claiming they are neighbors and offering her a view at some of the things she could buy at Stuff Mart. They sing a song that goes from classical to full blown rap– so be warned if this type of music offends you. She agrees to go with them.

It is at this point that Larry comes out to sing a silly song but is replaced by Mr. Lunt because the previous silly songs have been too silly. So, we get love songs with Mr. Lunt. He comes out and sings The Cheeseburger Song about Jerry Gourd who really loves his cheeseburger enough to wait for the fast food place to open back up the next day– so he sleeps in the drive thru and then goes to Denny’s, but is ready to come back when Burger Bell opens at 10:00 am. This song is done in power ballad style. Athough Archibald hints that next time Mr. Lunt will do a love song, it has yet to materialize.

Back to the story. On the way to Stuff Mart, the group comes upon Annie and her family underneath a tree. They are celebrating Annie’s birthday with just one piece of pie. She sings the Thankfunless song and Madame Blueberry wonders how she can be happy with only so little. But she presses on.

Blueberry starts buying anything and everything that she can– though we never see a cost or how she pays for it. The shopping carts have steering wheels– pretty amusing. The store sets it up so that everything she buys automatically goes to her house and gets set up. She takes a break from buying and sees Junior and his dad and observes a conversation between them.

Junior’s dad cannot afford the train set, but offers to get Junior a ball. Junior acknowledges his dad’s love, and sings the Thankfulness song. Madame Blueberry finally gets the point– it’s a thankful heart that yields happiness. She decides to stop buying things and go back to her house, but that house is beginning to wobble. It turns out that all of that stuff is making it so that the house is having a hard time staying on the tree.

Bob and Madame Blueberry race back in shopping carts while Larry heads back in a basket. Bob and Madame Blueberry get there just in time to see the air compressor launch the house– catapult like, into the Stuff Mart parking lot. The final scene has all the story characters eating pie and singing the Thankfulness song.

Cutting back to the countertop, Jean-Claude and Phillipe have to do some of the wrapup because Bob and Larry are crying too much. They finally wrap things up and talk about how a thankful spirit can effect our feelings and how we need to be thankful for what we have.

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