VeggieTales: The Hairbrush Song

The Hairbrush song is one of the classic silly songs of all time and occurred originally in Are You My Neighbor. In fact, it placed first in the Ultimate Silly Song countdown and was the basis for many of the jokes in Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Sampson’s Hairbrush.

This song is the first of the classical music genre silly songs.  It features Larry in a towel looking for his hair brush– with this inside joke that not only doesn’t he have hands but he doesn’t have hair.  When first recorded, the parts that were not Larry’s song were spoken, not sung, until Lisa Vischer came in to do the part of Junior, and, not knowing that the guys had spoken their parts, sung hers.  They thought it was so funny that they all went back and recorded their parts singing.

We find out that Bob actually gave the Peach the hairbrush because he has hair– which is the gag in Minnesota Cuke: The Peach plays the part of Samson because he has hair!

In any case, Larry goes from wondering where the hair brush is, to looking for the hairbrush, to realizing he doesn’t have hair, to wondering why Bob gave the Peach the hairbrush, to hoping that the Peach will take care of it.

It’s also slightly amusing that everyone that enters Larry’s bathroom is “shocked and slightly embarassed at the sight of Larry in a towel” and yet usually he’s in less than that!


A classic silly song indeed.

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