VeggieTales: The Dance of the Cucumber

The Dance of the Cucumber was the brainchild of Mike Nawrocki and his wife– as his wife is fluent in Spanish.  Either they watched something or experienced first hand the comic gag that’s at play in this silly song where the one who is speaking in a foreign language says things that embarrass the translator.  This song is on the Rack, Shack and Benny show.

Larry first talks about how he can dance, and then mocks Bob saying that he can’t dance.  Bob stops him, but Larry pretends like he doesn’t speak English.  At that moment, Junior and his dad show up, and want a picture with Larry.  This is like some kind of Disney World attraction or something, as they have Junior’s mom being chased by “the dwarves”, though they never really explain what’s going on.

The second stanza mocks Bob’s singing, and it’s at this point that Bob begins to chase after Larry who finally breaks into singing in English,

Bob is really angry,
I hope he doesn’t get me,
it’s so hard run with a sombrero on my head.

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