VeggieTales: The Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps

Here’s another Silly Song that I’ve only seen on The Ultimate Silly Song Countdown, though I am on the lookout for it.  This song features Larry in a yodeling, but not singing role.  He plays the part of a doctor that claims that he can help animals just by yodeling.  Fortunately for Larry, it’s really Pa Grape (who plays the part of his nurse) that knows medicine and gives to the various customers a treatment that cures the animals.

What kinds of animals?  A pregnant kitty, a penguin and then a bear with his paw caught in a trap.  Up until the bear, things were happy, but when Pa Grape asks for a raise in between patient visits and does not get one, he lets Larry fall on his face while being chased by said bear.

The musical portion is presented by a quartet made up of the three scallions and Phil Winklestien– the celery from Where’s God When I’m S-Scared.  In true a cappella, quartet fashion they narrate the story.  This is truly a great silly song– I mean, where else do you get good harmony and a yodeling cucumber?

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