VeggieTales: The Song of the Cebu

Mike Narwocki went on vacation and returned with this song’s concept.  What is a cebu?  It’s in the cow family.  This silly song shows up on Josh and the Big Wall.

In any case, this catchy song starts out with a beat augmented by Larry switching slides in a slide projector that is displaying images on a bed sheet for Junior, Jimmy and Jerry to view.

Larry is showing amusing pictures from his vacation while telling a story about a boy and his three cebus: the sad cebu, the sick cebu, the mute cebu.  As they are paddling a boat into town, they are headed for a hippo in the water that only the mute cebu sees.  We never find out what happens though.

First Archibald interrupts to say that he’s skeptical about this whole presentation.  Then Larry runs out of slides!  Finally, the audience starts leaving singing that there should have been another verse or two and asking for their money back.

It’s a catchy tune and you’ll find yourself singing it at the strangest times, but you hope that someday you find out what happened to the boat full of cebu’s and the boy!

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