Thirteen Reasons You Should Watch VeggieTales

Thirteen Reasons You Should Watch Veggie Tales

1. You like to talk to Tomatoes.

2. You never knew a missing Hairbrush could be so funny.

3. When someone says Bob the Tomato you will know who that is.

4. You never knew someone could do so much without having hands.

5. Because it’s easier than ever being that it’s on NBC.

6. They have good values in every show.

7. They teach you difference between Philistines and Philippines.

8. The idea of Veggies doing Shakespeare, Gilligan’s Island or Lord of the Rings sounds funny.

9. They have a catchy theme song.

10. Little Guys can do Big Things too.

11. They’re working on another movie– so you’ll need to know the in-gags.

12. They have catchy music.

13. They tell Bible Stories.

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10 thoughts on “Thirteen Reasons You Should Watch VeggieTales

  1. I will admit that since my neices are older, I haven’t watch Veggie Tales in a while. But I do love their values and Bible stories. I’ve always wondered tho if Veggie Tales will keep kids from actually eating their veggies since they won’t want to eat Bob and Larry. lol Great TT list. Happy Thursday!

  2. I was stocking shelves at our neighborhood Fred Meyer to get a little extra monies. A stuffed tomato lands splat on the floor and tells me, “Jesus loves you just the way you are!”

    I mean, how sweet is that?

    Loved your crazy list.

  3. I love Veggietales!!! (i now have the theme song in my head, too) My husband had never heard of them til I bought 2 for his son. We quickly created a huge collection because Mike’d watch those two over and over and drove Allen nuts.

    (Junior’s my favorite!)

  4. What a great list!

    My son is currently into LarryBoy and he plays pretend LarryBoy all the time and I have to be ‘Alfren’ (Alfred). LOL

    Thanks for visiting my TT!

  5. Bob the Tomato? Any relation to Bob the Builder? My son is only one-so I don’t think I’ll be watching Veggie Tales for awhile, but I may check them out-just once-since your list has me intrigued.

    Thanks for checking out my T13 (about bad jokes). Have a great Saturday!

  6. Hmm… It seems that my blog isn’t letting you know that all first time posts are moderated. I’ll have to fix that!

    All of you that haven’t tried one should definitely take a look. The rest of us can vouch for them!

    Thanks for stopping by my TT– check out some of the reviews if you’re looking for a great Veggie to see, and tune in next week when I talk about everyone’s favorite cucumber…

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