The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything in Winter 2007

Did any of you get the post card in the mail stating that The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything would be in theaters in Winter 2007? Previously they stated that it was going to be early 2008.

It certainly makes sense, after all, Thanksgiving to Christmas is a great time to be in Theaters!

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One thought on “The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything in Winter 2007

  1. Try to get Netflix to add this movie to their collection of movies1 (If you have Netflix.) They already have most of the Veggie Tales stories…but I have not been able to add the Pirates to my “saved” list yet. I like your blog. I used to work at a Christian Bookstore about 12 years ago, when Veggie Tales were first coming out on VHS. They were cool then and even better now!

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