Thirteen Reasons Why You Should Like Larry the Cucumber

Thirteen Reasons Why You Should Like Larry the Cucumber  

13. He has no hair, but still has a hairbrush.

12. He looks cool as a member of Boyz in the Sink. 

11. He is always ready with a silly song.

10. He starred as Daniel in the very first Veggie Video.

9. He likes the “What have we learned today” song.

8. He lost the lisp he had in the first two episodes.

7. He played Minnesota Cuke.

6. He speaks Spanish.

5. He has seen the future– and it’s Autotainment.

4. He has no hands.

3. He is best friends with Bob the Tomato.

2. He always has good intentions.

1. Larry-Boy– need I say more?


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3 thoughts on “Thirteen Reasons Why You Should Like Larry the Cucumber

  1. He sounds like a stand-up guy, but since my kids have been grown up for some time (and have none of their own), I don’t imagine I’ll ever meet him first hand. I have to draw the line somewhere, and it’s at Harry Potter and Shrek!

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